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About Us

Who We Are

Our bustling practice can be found in a rural, mountainous area just about forty-five minutes north of Atlanta. Humber Chiropractic Clinic was founded by Dr. Ken Humber, a second-generation chiropractor. As a teacher and Vice President of The Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology, he is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge with others.

To continue the legacy of Orthospinology, Dr. Ken mentors young chiropractors. With a unique approach to chiropractic care, patients come from all over the country and as far as Europe to experience what our chiropractors do. Humber Chiropractic Clinic is the premier center for excellence in Orthospinology and upper cervical care.

What We Do

It might surprise you to hear us tell you that we don’t cure anything. As chiropractors, our goal is to find the cause of your particular health concern. Once we address the source, your body can heal itself.

We’ve found that the upper cervical spine is the most overlooked area of the body often responsible for health problems. It needs to be addressed with care and precision. Our series of X-rays taken on each patient allow us for a 3D view of the top bone of the spine, called the atlas. Everyone’s misalignment is different and needs to be cared for as such. We’ll make the correction that is appropriate for you, then check to make sure that you’re holding your adjustment.

Your Key to Lifelong Health

Once our patients experience what we can do for them, they usually choose to see us periodically for their lifetimes. Some of our patients used to see Dr. Ken’s father, noted Orthospinologist Dr. J. K. Humber. Others have been with Dr. Ken since they were kids and now have children of their own that they bring in.

Complex Cases are Welcome

If you have a health challenge and haven’t found other answers or results, we welcome the opportunity to evaluate you. We’ll only accept you as a patient if we believe that we can help. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

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